Kawasaki H1 500 Wheels
Kawasaki H1 500 Wheels

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Laverda 1000 3C Wheels

BSA C11G Rear Wheel
BSA C11G Rear Wheel

Kawasaki H1 500 Wheels
Kawasaki H1 500 Wheels


Motorcycle Wheel Building Service

I am a motorcycle wheel builder based in East Yorkshire and the services I offer are; motorcycle wheel building, motorcycle wheel truing, motorcycle wheel hub restoration & wheel bearing replacement if required.

I can supply; Classic profile stainless steel, chrome and plain steel motorcycle wheel rims. Flanged, non flanged and also SM Pro aluminium motorcycle wheel rims. Stainless steel and galvanised motorcycle spoke sets.  

I build wheels for most makes & models of on & off road motorcycles including; Ariel, BSA, Norton, Triumph, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Harley Davidson & Classic BMW's etc.

If you have any questions just give me a call or use the

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Full Start To Finish Motorcycle Wheel Restoration

I offer a full start to finish motorcycle wheel restoration service, this means you can just drop off your wheels with me, let me know your requirements and I will take care of the whole job, this would include taking all the crucial measurements, stripping the wheel, ordering parts, restoring the hubs and rebuilding the wheels.

Postal Service

I do offer a postal service so if you would prefer to send your wheels to me that is not a problem just call or email me to arrange.

I use UPS whenever possible as I have never had a problem with them and wheels have always been delivered back to customers safely and on time.

Gloss Black Powder Coating

Gloss Black Powder Coating

Vapour Blasted

Satin Black.jpg

Satin Black Powder Coating

These are just a few of the most popular finishes, many more colours are available.


Motorcycle Wheel Rims.jpg

Motorcycle Wheel Rims

Rim WM1 (1.60) - WM3 (2.15)

Stainless Steel Rim - £80 to £150

British Chrome Rim - £115

Raw Steel Rim - £70 (Powdercoating + £40)

Polished Alloy Non Valanced - £140

Polished Alloy Valanced - £130

(More sizes are available on request)

Note; Stainless steel rims are available in different qualities and finishes so the price can vary according to requirements.

Motorcycle Spokes.jpg

Left; Stainless Steel   -   Right; Galvanised

Powder Coating And Vapour Blasting.jpg

Motorcycle Spoke Sets

Galvanised Spokes (Single Gauge Only)

& Zinc Plated Steel Nipples - £60

Stainless Steel Single Gauge Spokes & Nickel Plated Brass Nipples - £80

Stainless Steel Single Butted Spokes & Nickel Plated Brass Nipples - £85

Double Butted Spokes Are Available On Request.

Also Nickel Plated Steel, Alloy & Stainless Steel Nipples Are Available In Selected Options.

Motorcycle Wheel Hubs

Sandblast & Paint / Powdercoat - £40 each

Vapour Blast Hub - £40 each

Bearing Replacement Only - £10 each

Sprocket Carrier / Brake Plate - £20 each

(Guide prices only as some hubs etc are more complex than others)

Labour Charge

Building A Wheel Using Parts Supplied By Me - £30

Building A Wheel With Parts Supplied By A Customer - £40

(These prices include measuring, stripping and re-building the wheel)

If you would like to know more about measuring your wheel offset have a look on my info page.



Dave Browne

17 Leys Lane, Skipsea, Driffield, East Yorkshire, YO25 8SL

All visitors by appointment only.


Mobile; 07810780743

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