How Much Will It Cost To Rebuild My Motorcycle Wheel

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Listed below are some guide prices, as you can imagine every job is different. I order parts to suit your job, I do not carry vast amounts of stock as this would be totally unrealistic. All parts are sourced from long standing reputable UK suppliers that I have worked with for some time now and I trust the quality of their products.

I do not charge V.A.T & A Full Receipt Can Be Provided On Request

Wheel Rims Prices WM1 - WM3   (1.60 - 2.15)

Spoke Prices - Per 36/40 inc nipples

Stainless Steel   £110

Italian Chrome   £90

British Chrome   £125

Polished Non-Valanced Alloy   £150

Std Polished Valanced Alloy   £110

Morad Polished Valanced Alloy   £165

Powder Coated Steel   £125

Raw Steel   £80

SM Pro / Excel   P.O.A

Galvanised Steel   £70

Polished Stainless Steel (Single Gauge)   £90

Polished Single Butted Stainless Steel   £110

Black Stainless Steel (Single Gauge)   £110

(These are electrostatically blackened)

All Other Prices

Wheel Build & Trueing   £45  (With parts supplied by me)

Wheel Build & Trueing   £65  (With parts supplied by you)

Wheel hub blasted and painted or powder coated   £50

Brake plate blasted and painted or powder coated   £30

Anodise wheel rim (new rims only)   £45

(If you have any other requirements please ask)


Cerakote is a thin hard wearing & durable ceramic coating that can be used on all parts of a motorcycle, including wheel hubs, frames, Wheel rims etc.


Below are some colour options but only black is available in a gloss finish.

Guide Prices 

Motorcycle wheel hub   £52

Motorcycle wheel rim   £34

(Prices will also be plus postal charges)

You can find more information on Cerakote at -

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Cerakote colours 1.png
Cerakote colours 2.png
Cerakote colours 3.png