Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply / Fit tyres?

No I don't normally supply or fit tyres, the nearest bike shop to me is a 20 mile round trip so it's just not something I want to do. 

Can you paint or powder coat my wheel hubs?

Yes I can get sand blasting and powder coating done on most hubs. Hubs with rubber bushes are better blasted and painted.

Can I strip my wheels to polish the hubs before bringing them to you for building?

Yes but I would ask you to make a note of the wheel off set before you strip it and save an inner and outer spoke from each side of the wheel for reference. (click here for more info)

The wheel on my bike needs truing can you help?

Yes if your spoke nipples a free moving it should not be a problem give me a call or email.

I have built a wheel but can't true it can you help?

Yes give me a call.

Can I post my wheels to you?

Yes not a problem just let me know first.