Things To Do Before Stripping A Motorcycle Wheel

If you plan on stripping your motorcycle wheel before sending it to me for rebuilding there are a few things you need to do first.

Measuring a motorcycle wheel offset 1.jpg

How To Measure Offset

There are two ways to do this, first lay a straight edge over the brake face (drum or disc) and take the measurement between the underside of the straight edge and the outer edge of the rim. Alternatively measure from the underside of the straight edge to the very centre of the rim. Offsets can be positive as shown or a negative offset when the rim is higher than the brake face or the rim and brake face can all be the same, there are lots of variations.

Also measure the overall width of your old rim.

Spoke Identification.png

Keep Spoke Samples

Wheel hubs come in many shapes and sizes but will always have an inner and outer spoke on either side.

It is always helpful to keep one inner and one outer spoke from each side of a wheel, if you need to cut them just keep the two parts together and clearly marked.

Or send me the complete wheels and I will do it all

Wheel rim outer width.jpg

Measure Old Rim Outer Width

This measurement is not too critical if you are replacing like for like rims or using your old rim, but if you are changing from chrome to alloy then the new rim will more than likely be wider so this will need to be taken into account when rebuilding your wheel.

So if you are planning to strip your own wheels to clean / paint your hubs or just to make postage cheaper etc, the details I will need from you are:

1. Offset measurements from each wheel.

2. One inner and one outer spoke from each side of each wheel.

3. Your old rims overall outer width measurement.

4. Pictures are also helpful but not essential.